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Founded in 1955 by Joseph Bourdeau on Water Street in Bridgeport. In 1964, Reliable Plating and Polishing moved to their current location on Bishop Avenue and is the full service metal finishing shop you see today. A lot has changed since then, but not our dedication to good, old-fashioned craftsmanship and eye for detail.

We offer a huge assortment of metal coating products and technologies. Our attention to detail and fast service is why customers have been coming to Reliable Plating and Polishing for more than 60 years.

In addition to being local and convenient, we can perform some of our finishing processes with same-day, next-day, or even "while you wait*" service. We pride ourselves in working to your deadline. Our knowledgeable salespeople consult with you to understand exactly what you need and when you need it. Most of our processes involve many precise steps, so accurate communication with our customers is critical to our success.

* Only certain coating processes can be performed while you wait.


Services Available (Overview)

Our customers count on us for four primary types of services, and a few additional:

  1. Plating
  2. Oxidizing - Passivating
  3. Anodizing
  4. Polishing and Buffing
  5. Electropolish - Satin or Bright
  6. Electroless Nickel
  7. Restoration of boat and car parts
  8. Additional Services

Within each of these service categories is a huge number of specialty services to meet all of your plating and polishing needs. We work to ROHS and REACH compliance. And will work with you to meet all specialty requirements whether it is for industry, military, medical, automotive, or aerospace. We have satisfied customers in all of these industries and more.

Click on the services menu-tab for detailed information about each of these processes. Or, if you have immediate questions, call us today (203) 366-5261 to talk to a knowledgable plating and coatings specialist. We are always glad to help.


Founded in 1955

Reliable Plating - Established in 1955
"We've been serving
our customers
for over  68  years."

"We work to your specifications"

We do work for military contractors (mil-spec), marine, medical and aerospace industries.

RoHS Compliant

REACH Compliant


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