Clear and colored anodize coatings


Anodizing and Iriditing (Hard Coat)

Anodizing is both a functional and beautiful coating used to prevent aluminum from corroding. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide the best coating for your product from the huge array of anodizing options. Choose from the multitude of finishes available:

  • Matte or shiny
  • Clear (shown above)
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Blue

Color anodized parts in different finishes  

Reliable Plating and Polishing also offers iriditing for raw aluminum providing a light, (clear or yellow) protective coating. While this process can be used as a standalone finish, it is an ideal protective base coat for painted aluminum products. Call us today to learn more about our new ROHS finishes and mil-spec conforming finishes.

In addition to being local and convenient, we can perform some of our finishing processes with same-day, next-day, or even "while you wait*" service. We pride ourselves in working to your deadline. Our knowledgeable salespeople consult with you to understand exactly what you need and when you need it. Most of our processes involve many precise steps, so accurate communication with our customers is critical to success.

(Black anodized aluminum examples below)
Color anodized parts in different finishes


Iridite coating is achieved by chemical reaction while anodizing requires electro-chemical process. Coating durability is better with anodized aluminum. This is why salt spray test duration is longer for anodized sample than for Iridited ones.

Let us help you in choosing the correct process for your application!

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