Copper, nickel, brass, chrome restoration and polish

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Restoration Services


Like our customers, we love the classics -- homes, cars and vintage boats. At Reliable, we have a huge array of services for restoring your parts and components back to new. Our platers will put a period correct, or modern, durable finish on your parts. Our buffing and polishing experts are artists at bringing back worn and corroded finishes. Our specialty is restoring those difficult to find small parts that complete any project.


Obviously, we are known for high quality chrome finishes. But we can just as easily restore your yellow zinc chromate, brushed nickel, copper or polished brass finishes.


Brass-era to muscle cars, vintage boats, antique bicycles and motorcycles. For period correct, or better-than-new, finishes we do it all.


Classic home renovators, we have you covered too. We're experts at restoring and refinishing the ornate fixtures, drawer pulls, door handles, everything that makes your old home stunning and unique. Got an interesting project? Call us today.


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