Copper, Nickel, Chrome finishes


Chrome Plating and the Copper-Nickel-Chrome Process

There's a reason why our name begins with "Reliable Plating". Like any high quality plating company, we offer "chrome plating". Our copper/nickel/chrome, sometimes called "triple chrome" process, creates the highest quality and brightest chrome finishes available.

There are many steps to creating a flawless, show-quality finish in chrome. It begins with a thorough cleaning and surface preparation. This often includes removal of surface rust, chrome, paint or oils and contaminants. Next, we use copper (acid copper) to build up the surface that fills in imperfections and can be buffed to a mirror finish. This step may be repeated many times to get the surface perfect.

Next, a bright nickel is applied and a similar buffing procedure is done -again, polished to a highly reflective mirror finish. The last step is the chrome plating. The final product is buffed to a beautiful, shiny end product.

What makes "Reliable Plating and Polishing" different is our attention to detail on every job. We inspect and rack plate EVERY decorative plating job insuring top-quality, perfect items every time. Our pre-inspection and hand-racking process ensures the highest quality regardless of volume. We can handle your high quantity, custom jobs or even single pieces. Our large capacity workflow allows for objects up to six feet in length.


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