Yellow and Clear Zinc Chromate coatings

Yellow or Clear Zinc Chromate Coatings

Yellow and clear, sometimes called "white", essentially perform the same function as a superior corrosion inhibitor for your metal parts. The deposit is a pleasing finish in itself, however it is also an excellent base for paint.


Our zinc and chromate finishes are RoHS compatible

"Yellow zinc plating" means zinc plating followed by a yellow chromate conversion coating. The process may be done in plating barrels or by racking the individual parts, and usually involves cleaning, activating, zinc plating, chromate conversion coating, and drying -- with good rinsing between each stage. Each of these steps requires careful process control.

The yellow chromate is a yellowish, gold-like iridescent finish and has outstanding resistance to salt spray and other environmental factors. Clear finishes (as shown below) still offer good protection with a lighter, natural colored finish. While there are minor durability differences between the two, we can advise you of those differences and help you choose the correct process for your requirements.

Clear zinc chromate finishes

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