Black or clear passivate


Oxidizing and Passivating

Oxidizing is a precise rust prevention process. We use standard and proprietary chemical processes to insure your parts receive the most durable, long lasting finish.

When specified, Reliable will coat your product with light or heavy oil conforming to mil-spec.


A similar rust-prevention process is called passivation for stainless steel alloys, referring to a material becoming "passive," that is, being less affected by environmental factors such as air and water. Passivation is used to strengthen and preserve the appearance of metallics, most commonly used on stainless. Reliable Plating and Polishing offers clear and black passivate finishes for stainless steel.

Clear passivate on stainless steel  

Our salespeople can help you choose the right materials and methods for your project. We can facilitate clear passivate up to six feet, and black passivate or black oxide up to 3 foot parts.


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