The Art of Hand Polishing

As our name indicates, polishing is an important part of our business. Much of our business revolves around science and chemistry, however hand polishing is considered an art form. We are one of the few firms that remain offering ultra high quality hand-polishing services for all types of metals. Some of our talented craftsmen have been with us for more than twenty years. Hand polishing ensures customized attention on every job. Our skill and pride shines through on every job.


Craftsmen skilled in the art of hand buffing and polishing take years of training to perfect their craft.

There is a great amount of skill and knowledge required to safely polish copper, brass, chrome, stainless, aluminum, or just about any metal part. Our craftsmen know precisely what it takes to create the perfect finish. We use many compounds and rouges in concert with our buffing machines to smooth a workpiece's surface and obtain a brilliant shine.

Proper buffing and polishing will remove minute surface imperfections caused by impurities, or the manufacturing process without damaging the part. It takes skill, experience, patience, and an attention to detail to provide excellent results.

Trust "Reliable Plating and Polishing" for your most critical polishing needs.


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